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The tSZ and kSZ power spectra are computed with a Random Forest algorithm trained with the halo model approach.

See Douspis, Salvati, Gorce, Aghanim 2022 (Astronomy and Astrophysics) and Gorce, Douspis, Salvati 2022 (Astronomy and Astrophysics) for more information.

The code for computing the spectra is available for download on this gitlab site

Other SZ power spectra

Type [unit] lmin-lmax Description
Sehgal_sim_tSZPS_unbinned_8192_y_rescale0p75.txt tSZ [K] 0-8000 Sehgal et al. 2010
dl_shaw_tsz_s10_153ghz_norm1_fake25000.txt tSZ [N/A] 0-25000 Shaw et al. 2010
dl_ksz_CSFplusPATCHY_13sep2011_norm1_fake25000.txt kSZ-h + kSZ-p [N/A] 0-25000 Shaw et al. 2012
dl_ksz_oz_patchy_nolowell_20110708_norm1_fake25000.txt kSZ-p [N/A] 0-25000 Zahn et al. 2012
kSZ_PS_Sehgal_healpix_Nside4096_DeltaT_uK.txt kSZ [dT/T] 0-8000 Sehgal et al. 2010